For Immediate Needs, Dial 211

How To Help

Most monetary and in-kind aid is donated by individuals in the community, while local organizations and restaurants continue to donate extra food. With careful management, budgets are tightly stretched at St. Francis Catholic Kitchen and Jesus Mary Joseph Home.

Leave A Legacy To Those In Need

Where there’s a will, there is a way. A bequest for any amount will help feed, clothe, and shelter those in need, and provide fresh opportunities.

Because you love them, you provide for family and friends, to leave them protected when you are gone.

Is there even more that love might do?

Have you considered including the Saint Francis Catholic Kitchen and Jesus Mary Joseph Home charitable non-profit in your will?

With a planned bequest, you …

  • Make a positive statement about your personal ideals and values.
  • Are remembered for making a difference in the lives of others less fortunate.
  • Leave a legacy of hope to those in our community who struggle with homelessness, hunger, poverty, and lack of opportunity.

Types of bequests that you may choose:

  • Residual bequest. Leave whatever is left in your estate to the non-profit after providing for family and other beneficiaries.
  • Percentage bequest. Name a specific percentage of the estate’s total value to go to the non-profit.
  • General Bequest. Give and bequeath a specified sum, a specific item of property, or other asset, to be used as the non-profit’s board of directors determines.

Why not think it over? And then decide.

St. Francis Catholic Kitchen Tax ID # is 94-2880883


The wording of your will should be based solely on the legal advice of your attorney. You may specify to the board whether to allow a public acknowledgement of your gift or to keep it completely private and confidential. Your expressed wishes in this matter shall be respected.

One last request — won’t you please notify us if St. Francis is mentioned in your will?